About us

Our company

Ralston Fabrics, the online only retailer of Fabrics. We do not operate from a shop. The address quoted is our offices. We have a storage facility just outside of Alton, where we cut our orders. You are welcome to visit, but we are not always there!

It started small, very small, selling a few bits of Velvet on Ebay. 

Now we have one of the best selections of Cotton Velvet in the UK and a thriving following of fans.

Not only do we sell Velvet, but we have a fantastic selection of really really good quality Linen, Terry Towelling, Bull Denims, upholstery fabrics, faux furs and clearance fabrics.

We like to think that we stock unusual fabrics, so in our clearance lines, you will see fabrics that you have never seen before.

Thank you customers for all of your support from all at Ralston Fabrics.